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Casque Wines treasures the strong connections within our community, and we're committed to giving back. We actively support local fundraisers and events, aiming to create a lasting impact in our area. Each year, we receive numerous requests to support various charitable causes. While we wish we could fulfill every request, the sheer volume means we must be selective. Therefore, we may not respond to all submissions. If we can support your organization or event, you will hear from us within two weeks of submitting your request. We kindly ask that you do not follow up on your request after submission.



Before sending us your request, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

  1. The fundraiser or event must benefit the community within our local area.

  2. We do not provide donations to political organizations or campaigns, religious organizations or programs, and individuals.

  3. The organization must be a registered non-profit (501c3).

  4. Each organization is limited to two requests within a 12-month period.


If your request aligns with these guidelines, please send your donation request to [email/contact information].

Thank you for your understanding and for helping us support our community effectively.

Get in touch!

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