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Welcome to Casque Wines
Casque Wines opened up its winery in Loomis in November of 2011 and opened the new Tasting Room at the Flower Farm in February 2013. We invite you to visit the Tasting Room and enjoy our award winning wines by the glass, bottle or tasting flight.

Expand your wine horizon beyond “the same old thing” and join us on the journey.


The Casque Family

The Story Behind Our Label - Le Casque
Our logo is the Adrian Casque, a French helmet design that was introduced in the early 1900’s by General August Louis Adrian. He was visiting a soldier in the hospital who should have been mortally wounded due to a gunshot to the head; however, he survived. When asked how that was possible the soldier responded that he was storing his mess bowl on his head under his casque. This inspired General Adrian to design a new helmet for the French soldiers. The casque was made with a cap insert called a "Calotte" which allowed the helmet to sit snugly on the head and provide additional protection.

This helmet style was considered revolutionary around the world and is still being used today by soldiers, firemen, police, bicycle riders and more. 

Kevin Stevenson, Owner and Winemaker

Kevin grew up in the farm country of Indiana “watching the corn grow.” His only memories of wine growing up were the jug wines his parents would buy for parties. After graduating from college, he spent several years as a systems analyst, until escaping to Minnesota to start what would be a ten year career in the music business, both as a musician and a producer. It was in 1989, during his first trip to the Napa Valley that Kevin, along with his wife, Ann, got “the bug.” Ten years later after many more visits to California and different wine regions in Europe, they decided to make the move to the west coast landing in the unique vineyard community of Clos du Lac in Placer County.

Kevin immediately set about learning everything he could about the vineyard operations, Kevin managed the 17-acre Clos Du Lac estate for over 10 years, and his grapes have been the backbone of numerous award-winning wines. Needless to say, he’s never looked back. Le Casque is the culmination of a decade long dream to produce world class wine under his own label.

Visit our Winemaking page for more information about Kevin's winemaking philosophy.